London has become a hub for businesses in the UK and a number of companies from different sectors are growing at a very fast pace. ExSell7 is helping these businesses to become successful and grow at an accelerated pace.

With increasing reliance on outsourcing, a number of companies and businesses are growing at very fast pace in London area. Small as well as medium-sized companies prefer to get their services outsourced from the professionals who provide guaranteed results. Sales and marketing services are some of the most sought after services when it comes to outsourcing for businesses.  Reports confirm that London is attracting a number of new businesses each year. With the universities bustling now, the city is growing and ExSell7 is in the business to capitalise by increasing companies profits at a low cost. Simple.

A recent report conducted by ExSell7 confirmed that outsourcing is the major secret of being successful in the current market place.  The biggest fraction of jobs that are being outsourced at the moment at 28% lies in the Information Technology sector. After that Human Resources takes up 15% of the outsourcing marketplace. Companies use the skills of outsourcing companies in order to boost their sales, make new business and raise brand awareness.

ExSell7 specialises in the direct marketing field. We represent a wide range of businesses and help them acquire more customers thus increasing their bottom line. We provide a committed and professional service that gives clients their desired outcome.  ExSell7 provides its direct marketing and sales services in different kinds of environments that include business-to-business, business-to-consumer and promotional events.

Seeing the current difficulties and challenges in businesses as well as changing market environments, a number of companies are now opting to outsource certain business activities. Outsourcing has made an influential impact on the growth and productivity of both big and small companies. According to a recent EMEA TPI analysis, the number of business outsourcing contracts of the costs of €4 million (£3.4 million) was increased by 16 per cent in year 2013 and these numbers are increasing every year.

Most of the time, companies cannot deal with all the tasks of their business procedures as it leads to a steep increase in expenses. In addition, most of the tasks are on a temporary level so companies do not want to hire a full time employee in order to perform tasks that have a short life span. They instead enlist the help of outside service providers who can take care of those tasks with excellence and expert knowledge. ExSell7 helps businesses to increase their brand awareness, deliver excellent customer service, to promote and to acquire customers. Direct marketing is an incredible source of exposure and an efficient system for getting brand awareness.

It is simple. ExSell7 helps businesses and companies to grow quicker in a shorter span and attracts new customers that would have potentially been lost to the competition. So not only does this increase income and improve brand awareness, it also creates new job opportunities for the local community.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” — Albert Einstein

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