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ExSell7 Look at New Ways to Pay

November 21, 2014

Advances in technology are bringing changes to every aspect of our lives, from business to communications. One of the most visible changes is in the way that we pay for goods and services. People are carrying less cash around with them, and the days of people pulling out chequebooks in stores are gone forever. You may think that credit and debit card payments are here to stay, but could they be about to go the same way? A recent report on Entrepreneur.com looked at the new Apple Pay system. Here, ExSell7 consider whether soon we could all be using it.

“Consumers today want things to be quick and easy, and that includes the method of payment as well”, said director of ExSell7. “They’re also prepared to try something new, especially when it comes from a big name they trust such as Apple. That’s why the Apple Pay system, and others like it, could make a real difference to how we purchase our goods in bricks and mortar stores.”

The new Apple Pay system means that consumers don’t have to carry large amounts of cash around with them, which many people view as a safety concern, and they can even leave their cards at home. All that they need is their Apple iPhone 6. The new phone from Apple is at the cutting edge of telecommunications technology, and Apple Pay is just one of the new apps that have been designed specifically for it. All the consumer does is place their phone next to a payment point. These points also include a fingerprint sensor. After using the presence of their phone to initiate payment, the consumer then taps his finger onto the sensor to validate it. In this way, the transaction is very quick yet completely secure.

With new technology, there is always the possibility of teething problems. The Entrepreneur article writer, however, found that the system worked smoothly and perfectly every time. Of course, the system will only become truly useful if it’s widely accepted. Some of America’s major retailers are already accepting it, including McDonald’s, Whole Foods and Walgreens. It should soon find its way to large retailers in the UK, but the test will then be to see how many small and medium sized retailers accept it.

“This new payment system has one major factor in its favour, and that’s the Apple brand itself”, said the Director. “People love everything to do with Apple. This is a real sign of the times, because it also shows how much consumers love innovation, and how they’re prepared to trust new technology.”

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