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Exsell7 Examine the Growth of the UK’s Service Sector

July 5, 2015

While there has been a dip in the construction and manufacturing sectors, news coming out about the 28 month growth in the services sector is encouraging. In fact, the latest figures from the PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) show expansion in the services sector with April being the fastest expansion since August of last year. The figure for April was 59.5 whilst March was a bit slower at 58.9. Exsell7 asks what does this mean? Anything over 50 is seen as indicative of growth.

According to the Managing Director of Exsell7, this is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to advertising. The Director states that “Any time there is significant growth in services, there is money to be spent so we advise our clients to lean heavily on marketing. When the economy is staggering and consumers are keeping the reigns tight on spending, it might be best to also slow down on marketing as no one has money to spend, or to redirect marketing budgets to smaller, more focused portions of the population.”

With such a marked improvement in the economy, consumers are in a better financial position so businesses are ramping up their advertising to capture their portion of the market. Direct advertising specialists identify markets and analyse spending trends. They look to see where consumers are spending money and how to capitalise on that for their clients. The first thing they do is work towards building brand and name recognition with a direct, responsive approach.

MD of Exsell7, notes that “People will buy from people so we design and promote the B2C image (business to consumer) that they can identify with. My company has an uncanny ability to speak for businesses in any industry in ways in which the average consumer can identify with. We aim to build strong customer bases for our clients and then we help our clients keep those customers over the long term.”

There is finally hope for the economy, the first real bright spot since the downturn several years back and as a result, businesses are gearing up to capture a much bigger portion of the market. With more money out there to be spent, direct marketing reaches out to segments of the population that are experiencing the greatest growth to capture their business for their clients. It takes a lot of research and a focused marketing campaign, but with a healthier economy and projections of continued growth, now is the time to go out and get it.

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