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Exsell 7 Offer Awesome Advice on How to Stay Motivated

July 29, 2015

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs have had trouble staying inspired over a long period of time and as a result, saw bumps and slumps in their business. Exsell 7 direct marketing group know the importance of staying motivated and also understand that there may be times when it’s just plain difficult to stay inspired. Here they offer some awesome advice on how to stay motivated so that you can move consistently forward, avoiding stumbling blocks to growth.

Director of Exsell 7 says “It sort of reminds me of that old Roman quote on who will guard the guards themselves. We look to entrepreneurs to inspire us to constantly strive towards success and we often see them as these unbreakable super powers. Unfortunately, even entrepreneurs themselves need to be inspired from time to time, so how did they keep that high level of ambition that took them to the top?”

What many entrepreneurs will tell you is that they kept their drive up by reading about the trials and tribulations of other successful business men and women, other entrepreneurs like themselves. Oddly, periods of ‘lacking motivation’ are common amongst even the most successful of entrepreneurs but they all seem to have one thing in common that led them back into the driver’s seat.

“We have found that even the most successful entrepreneurs are inspired by the successes of others,” the director says. “They take time to read about successful people and then are better able to apply the lessons learned by those entrepreneurs to their own journey up the ladder.”

For those suffering from intermittent moments of passivity, those moments when it seems like inspiration has failed you, why not take the time to read about entrepreneurs who faced the very same issues? There are a number of really great books out there which are the source of inspiration to other entrepreneurs.

“One of the books we like to recommend is titled Crazy Is a Compliment – The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Is Zagging,” Dylan says with a smile. “As an entrepreneur you may not take kindly to being referred to as crazy but if you stop to think about it, that’s just what an entrepreneur often is, someone who drives against the flow of traffic.”

When lacking motivation, seek inspiration from other entrepreneurs who worked their way through times of frustration and moments of lethargy. Perhaps you have just reached a saturation point and need a fresh insight to get you back on track. Exsell 7 believe that reading engaging stories written by other entrepreneurs just might be the catalyst to get you back on track.

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