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Exsell 7 Look at How Goals Factor into Success

September 10, 2015

Having attended a New Leaders conference in London this past August, the director of Exsell 7, was made aware of just how important it is to set goals. The conference was centred on the fact that in order to run a successful business, it is paramount to have a vision and to set goals, both long and short term.

As an entrepreneur, the Director knows the importance of being self-motivated and goal oriented. If you are to succeed, you need a roadmap to success laid out in goals. He likens it to getting ready for a much needed holiday. “When you work all year long and dream about where you want to spend your holiday away from work, you know that you need to find the money to finance the trip, make reservations and take care of all those little odds and ends that will need seeing to in your absence.”

This doesn’t happen in a day, the Director says. These are the short term goals that get you to your long-term goal, your holiday. “It is much like this in marketing,” he notes. “We know that the end result is to increase our clients’ market share whilst helping to build their brand. That is the goal. It’s all the little steps we take along the way that help us to achieve that goal and once there, that is success at its finest.”

However, there are too many business owners and directors who fail to recognise that all those interim goals are just as important as the end-goal. In a football game, each team member has a part to play in scoring the goal and when you see them in a huddle with their coach, you know that short term goals are being laid out. The same hold true for businesses. “One of the ways in which to develop goals is to have regular team meetings so that each and every member on the team has a part to play and know, without a doubt, what that part is.”

This is where the Director emphasises that whilst the director has visions, team members can help to shape that vision with input of their own. “You will never know how many times I have set a goal and in a meeting with my team, discovered that the goal needed to be reshaped or set in stages to get there successfully. What I took away from this conference is that goals are vital to business success but it is important to open the floor to the team in shaping those goals.” With the high level of success that Exsell 7 is seeing, it is safe to say they have learned to effectively set goals and follow them.

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