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Exsell 7 Examine the Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

August 10, 2015

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean you will achieve great wealth, however, being a successful entrepreneur implies you’ve reached certain heights within your industry and wealth comes right along with success. So what is it that sets a successful entrepreneur apart from the ordinary? Here, Exsell 7 examine the habits of successful entrepreneurs, habits that played a huge role in getting them where they are today.

“One thing you will find that most successful people have in common,” says Director of Exsell 7, “Is that they regularly take a step back before making big decisions to analyse the situation.”

When analysing the habits of successful entrepreneurs you will also find that they are usually early risers. They get up before their friends and family so that they can get organised for the day ahead without a million and one disruptions.  Successful entrepreneurs also make it a habit to network. They know that there is strength in numbers, so having other successful people around them is a plus and they aren’t overly critical of their peers. A truly successful person will make others feel good about themselves and will be sincere in expressing true feelings when engaging with them.

“’Although successful entrepreneurs are extremely busy people, they know how to prioritise,” Dylan continues. “They have learned to say ‘no’ along the way so that they can focus on what needs to be done. So many people find it difficult to refuse help when asked or to take on more projects than they can comfortably handle. By saying ‘no’ most of the time they are free to pay attention to priorities.”

Believe it or not, the most successful entrepreneurs who have accumulated wealth are not prone to watching television. They get all the news and data they need by reading. When it comes time for leisure, they read. When they want to learn something, they read. A recent study found that an amazing 88% of the wealthiest achievers read for self-improvement.

Setting goals and getting organised are two other habits of successful entrepreneurs. By taking time at night to compile a ‘list’ for the following day, they wake up early, get themselves organised for the day and are ready to go out and conquer the world. When it comes to setting goals, this list is of crucial importance. As they mark off short term goals, the next can be added to the list. Exsell 7 believes that if budding entrepreneurs learn to make these habits their own, they too will one day reach a high level of success and acquire the wealth that comes along with that success.

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