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Exsell 7 Announce Companies Value Experience Over Other Qualifications

August 18, 2015

While many reports and studies have been conducted to determine exactly what companies value the most, not all metrics are created equally. Practically every company values timeliness, reliability and other factors attributable to good performance, but some attributes are not universally as important as others. In order to determine whether major firms and businesses across all sectors value experience over other qualifications in general, broad-based surveys have been conducted. Here, Exsell 7 look at the findings from these surveys, helping their clients to better understand the company situation in today’s changing world.

Despite the importance that qualification in a particular field brings, most companies value experience over nominal qualifications, according to Exsell 7’s Director. He recently elaborated in a conference with the firm’s clients, saying that “while nearly 40 percent of businesses value qualifications as a primary attribute when making a hiring decision, nearly 70 percent value work experience in the same regard”. The conference call followed a series of private, over-the-phone surveys with clients to see which of the two attributes was valued more by Exsell 7’s clients.

Exsell 7 discovered that nearly three in four companies are willing to provide comprehensive job training services to new hires when beginning a new relationship with a new hire. As such, the need for overall experience in the industry ranked much higher in terms of importance for most businesses. Many are left confused with the situation behind these numbers, but Exsell 7 understood the indicators to represent a years-long business climate in which HR managers and hiring firms value a steady hand with a proven track record over hypothetical skill-sets that may not be attached to reliable workers.

As the nature of the economic climate continues to change and improve for the better, the outlook of businesses on the concept of experience versus qualifications may continue to evolve over time. As of right now, businesses and brands prefer to enlist the services of qualified individuals in order to ensure smooth and successful operations in trying times. Much as brands continue to enlist the services of those who are tested, their marketing decisions are also placed in the hands of established firms such as Exsell 7, which have a track record which guarantees the best chances for success. In the years to come, businesses will need a strong and guiding hand in the form of solid marketing tactics to ensure its decisions are in line with the rest of the market; Exsell 7 will continue to deliver in more ways than one for its clients in this regard and many others.

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