Branding is critical in the success of any business. Unfortunately technology can enhance the experience but can never fully replace the ability to communicate directly with clients.

ExSell7 believe that it is vital to pinpoint a brand’s identity and positioning in the marketplace. Once the brand identity is worked out this must be cemented in the foundations of a brand’s marketing strategy. Dylan Henry, CEO of ExSell7, explains that correct positioning is not just about what you say, but more so about how others perceive your brand in the market place. After all words are meaningless if your brand is perceived poorly. This is why ExSell7 specialises in direct marketing. There is NO better way to represent your brand then embracing the art of face to face communications, in that we can bring the brand to life and create an emotional attachment that will last far longer than any indirect commercial or visual.

Dylan Henry Managing CEO of ExSell7 explains that emotionally, people connect with a brands personality.

“Consumers have relationships with people first and then the brands they endorse, not with a product. To market a brand effectively a company must look beyond the product and service offerings. People must understand WHY they should associate with the brand otherwise we are missing so much of the brands potential exposure power.”

How do we allow people to connect with the brand itself?

Companies sometimes put too much emphasis on business features such as pricing, internal systems, production timetables and transport logistics. However it is just as important to focus on how the marketplace view your company and your brand. Understanding that people must be able to create an experience and connection with the brand will help you make effective changes from within, to improve the exterior of your brand. Direct marketing is an integral part of this. As an active outsourcing agency, ExSell7 knows the importance of ensuring their client’s image is communicated effectively and professionally.

Customers do not necessarily remember what a brand does for them, but they will certainly remember how it makes them feel. Building such an emotional connection with consumers is the key for building a successful brand. Brands are selected based on a customer’s emotional connection to that company, and it is all down to trust. ExSell7 have become excellent at customer buying behaviour to help build their clients reputation.

To learn how to become an expert at connecting people to the brand would be such an amazing skill to learn as it’s so transparent to every business worldwide. As long as businesses want customers ExSell7 will have growth!

“The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we actually communicate.” — Joseph Priestley

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