ExSell7 provides a constant source of customer generation for their clients. We are based in London, yet we service our client’s needs nationally as well. Our primary focus is cultivating customer interactions and turning those interactions into buying customers and then into loyal customers. Great customer service assists this process. When a customer knows and understands a brand inside out it can help them make informed decisions. Matching their expectations with the service our clients can deliver ensures those customers are kept happy and then stay loyal. At ExSell7, we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s brand, their customers and the marketplace in which they operate. The combination of these three things helps us cultivate a sales and marketing strategy that will suit them.

Before ExSell7 start working with a new client extensive research is done on that client’s brand, their customers and the marketplace. We look into the demographics of their customer base to establish how to target them effectively. Direct marketing offers 3 different approaches…

  1. Business to Business
  2. Business to Consumer
  3. Events/Promotions

Through researching a clients target market demographics, we can establish which of these three approaches will work best. The client’s brand, product strategies and customer service history need to be explored as well. By knowing how the company works on the inside, we can then represent them the best from the outside. Lastly, what is the market place they operate in like? We consider everything from a micro to a macro environment level. Nothing is left to chance, as it will affect our 100% client satisfaction results. ExSell7 evaluates the research conducted in the preliminary stages of working with a client. Based on the research a tailored sales and marketing plan is formulated.

Clients can rest assured that ExSell7 makes decisions based on research insights and industry experience.  This ensures that we hit the ground running and can deliver a fast return for our clients.

“We BELIEVE in MORE we want more for our clients our customers & ourselves. We BELIEVE in always improving expecting and demanding MORE.”

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